Tuesday, March 16, 2010

it's awful

it's my off day
i feel so free today :)

hoping for a real good days :)

all this time..
i filled my life with sigh
a sigh about something
something that . .
i dont know.. it's something * * *

since i entered the new world
i've became someone different
i just dont know what happened
but since i've moved
i learned another things
about friendship trust and teamwork
it's adult things
it's about giving yourself a chance

world is not always kind
it's so mean
full of test =.=!!
i have to face it

i know i've been protected
by my family friends and someone
but they cant always protect me
and i cant always have them
because there will a time
when i'm all alone
and there's no one to help or even look at me

life is just a life

it's fair and it's unfair

love is a mess

.no doubt.

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