Wednesday, March 31, 2010

아직도 조금

내가 좋아하는 내 자신을 새로 느낌
yeah.. 그래서 새


i'm going to start study by this july at iuctt
talking about study makes me so sick =.=!!
if can i wont talk about it~
but i have to..
i dont want to make my parent dissapointed!
this is what they waiting for..
seeing their child walking to succeed ^^
'' and hopefully i can make them happy ''

i have no choice about course..
i mean..
i dont know what to choose
which one is good? best? better?
so i let my parent choose for me..
yeah..lots choices..make me feel dizzy @_@!!
awww..too many choices..
i've went to education carnival
yaiy..can say..
i apply all universities and colleges =.=''

but finally choose iuctt . .
reason: because it's near
at first didnt really care about it..
because too lazy to think about this
but day i need to think about this
so when i fully think about it
i just agree to them
>> 게다가 난 좀 내 남자 친구에게 근처에있습니다

and ..

나는 그가 내 남자 친구는 행복 해요
그는 나를 잘 돌봐
그리고 난 정말 그가 날 사랑 희망이 진짜
그는 나의 수호 천사
항상 날 도와
당신과 내가 당신을 사랑 감사합니다


이번엔 좀 도와주세요
우리의 사랑이 영원하자
좀 더 성숙되고 보자
그리고 제발 내 남자 친구의 마음을 부드럽게

~이렇게 내버려 마지막~

my life change everyday
the environment and people around me too
we cant fix things we just make it better than before
i was so inspired!

it's time to turn a new leaf :)

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