Thursday, December 24, 2009


sorry didnt update!
now so busy working~
everyday is *tired day*

now i eat less
got rest less
sleep less
i want sleep 10++ hours like before..
until boring go to sleep =.='
oh i really miss that diamond days

i am no longer school student
whoaa..cant believe this!!
now i am working (=.=)'
LOL.this is what i want before
now work lah apa lagi..
but very tired..malas!lazy! pheww''

im not looking for the money
but i like to have sales :p :p
cause it shows that i really can do it
yeah..yeah..*ah yalah tu*

about other things there..
erm..lazy to write lah..
biar lah tu~
kasi no comment only~


i miss my oppa :( :(
it's been really really a long time since our last chit chat :( :(


oh yaa..
found cutie..
he's super duper cute comel gwiyopda
unfortunately, sangat mahu mampos *proud*
(=.=)' (=.=)'
*malas mahu layan lah*


since the imba exam finished
now everybody is free
saw all my friends blogs'
update so fast!!
im so jealous..
their blogs' gets prettier
but mine still same..
even the post :p :p
looking at my chatbox
=.= huhh very sad..
nobody leave me message
even as simple as *hello*
people!! dont just read lah..
leave me some messages~~
blueekk.. ;p ;p


i dont like windows 7
very complicated~

im tired..

im hungry

please stop gossiping people!
i dont like it
they just teaching me
they were my senior friend and brother
it is good that they were so kind to me :) :) :)
no more gossip!! please!!


may happiness bless love always with me

and the people around me

thank you!

byebye :) :)

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