Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dandelion's Promise

The dandelion next to the fence in primary school
It was a scenery that had flavour in my memory
Taking an afternoon nap,cicada noise comes from the playground
After how many years,it will sounds good
Fold up the dreams into a paper airplane and send it as a letter
Because we can't wait for meteor
Throwing the coin that decide fate seriously
Yet,i don't know where can i go
A promise made when growing up together
It's so clear
I believe it since we made a pinky swear
We said we would go on holiday together
It is nowadays your only wilful persistence
In the corridor we stand as punishment and have our hands slapped
Yet we pay attention to the dragonfly by the window
Wherever i go you will follow very closely
Lots of dreams are waiting to done
A promise made when growing up together
It's so sincere
The one time i can't stop chatting to you about
And I already can't tell the difference
Whether you are friendship or love I missed out on

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