Thursday, August 6, 2009

boys ? ? ?

list ten characteristic of boy/girl that you love..
then tagged 5 peoples..
those 5 peoples have to answer this and post their answer to their own blog :)

this Q was so hard..
but i`ve been i have to..


1. not younger than me...and not too older than me..
hehee..most important!!!
selang 4.5.6 tu ok lah..but 10..err...dont think so lahh..

2. taller than me..
yeah ini pun penting :p

3. funny :)
so i can laugh all day :D

4. hygienic..
uhh..of course la kena jaga kebersihan..
utk mgelakkan segala jenis penyakit :)

yeah! gaya itu amat penting for me
ya lorh..malu lah
if go dating or hang out together with friends..
but bf so selekeh..ewww!! malluuuu..

6. respect..
love guy yg respect my family friends and
of course me..

7. understanding..
yeah! like this..
he* need to understand me so much..much..

8.good traits
oh yaa..
he* should has very very nice traits..

9. good looking..
nowadays..people said look is nothing
but's everything for me :p
i looked for traits and look..hahha..

10. hurmm..what ahh??
i think guys like onew and seulong attract me a lot :p
haha..hell yeah!!
they're super duper hot.cute. :p
who's onew..who's seulong..

what more can i say??

my tag :
who?? you!
i mean..whoever~

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