Tuesday, August 25, 2009

old addiction come again..

all time favourite movies :)
movies that teach us about life
i dont know why i post this
all i can say is because
i love this movies much..much
especially sepet..
so close to my life :p
and yeah! this movies berjaya made me cry :p
this addiction ever happened before
when this movies still hot!
and now my addiction came back
what happen actually?
what makes it repeated??

everything happen for reason
something happened and it reminds me of this movie
feels like want to cry..wuwuu
i dont want to cry!!
laugh more~


>>ng choo seong<<
so hot lehh :p
*it's so sad when orked went to see jason's stuff
*the poetry.pictures.love letter.handphone
*and his voice read his own letter..
*orked's crying..
>>gosh! i want to cry too

plus..i love the chinese song in sepet

director:the late yasmin ahmad
love all her karya..different from others
will be missed her :(

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