Thursday, July 23, 2009

sleepy?!! (@_@)

school's stories
went to school like always
but today was different
yah! im so sleepy!

class ::

add maths:
entered the class..10 minutes late
everybody's quiet
so sleepy!
i dont understand today's topic..damndamn

late again..went to toilet first
learn new chapter;inheritance
duhh! i've learnt this before but still confused
and everybody still quiet..wth!
still sleepy (@_@) but focused
love biology! ????? wuhh~

teacher teach happily
i have to listen..reluctantly!

rest time:
ate with cath..only 2 of us
so bored~
elvie! we miss you!!
get well soon and come to school!!!!

the first minutes; freshy..freshy
then..oh-oh im sleepy again!
give me pillow! want to sleep~
cikgu teach energetic (#_#)
and he talked about next class..
too much..again and again
lazy to listen.. huhh!

everybody didnt finish hmwok
not all lah..but most
so detention!!
thank God im not one of them :)
teacher didnt teach today!
ohh so good~~

learnt about the drama
puteri hang li po
and yeahyeah
cikgu went out early :)

before get home:
discuss about interact
and class scary day
*finally went home :) :)

felt sleepy all day~
want to sleep now
good evening :p

>sigh is the big matter<

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