Monday, July 20, 2009

it's rina condition~

i felt soooo i dont know..
i dont know what i feel...sigh~

thanks to all
especially my sexyy!!
you all make me totally happyhappy rabbit
and mr eric
for helping me with my oh-so crazy problem :p

oh yaa..if i say
i can fly
everyday..can/will i fly??
sir dont get mad ahh~

what else ahh?!
got so many things to write
but i forgot..huhh!!

ok think about
pen holding a trophy with a car shape
there's a shoes..written sky
in the sky there's a big cat it says lamp
in the lamp there's a picture of my mom

yeah i got it again
hope study will be easy as this ^^

>>[a cheering song]<< rina can do it
she's the best
she only have to sing the song beat it..yeah!
so that she can beat everybody..hahaa
>>okay what's the relationship??

>>mueol haedo rina sangdae<<

im out of idea..buhhh~~
but i still want to write something..
to release the stone in my head
so that i can study well :p
so think..think..

heyy..i think this guy is super duper hot..
dont you think?? :p

well..he's mine now~ hahaa..

play the song; 상상 by 송은이

onew i miss you :p


Eric Constantine said...

no problemos.. make sure u stay focus in ur study ..have fun too

rinafarizan said...

reluctantly fun always over haha
but i`ll try to make it less..less..