Friday, July 3, 2009

bumblebee :)

i've finished watched 'i like it hot'
huhh! love the drama though
it's quite boring~
what i like about the drama is because..
it talks about life~ life of women..
and it's inspired me a bit! :p

and just now i`ve watched
this drama; nur kasih
and i wondered..
does a women like nur still exist?
she's so kind and....perfect!

stop talking about drama
lets come back to reality..

at school..
duhh! i felt horrible
why the peoples who sat next to me
always change their sat??
like shit which will be found anywhere
i hate sit alone..with no one by my right and left..fuckfuck!

im boring with my life :/
i want to study for the shit spm
it's scare me a lot..

i became more moody these day
take note: it's not pms... :p
i felt bathed~

i miss the old rina 
rina who always fine
take good care of her family
and care for everybody feelings
hate no one and never has the courage
to talk bad things about others
rina oh rina
i want you back
i miss you so much.i love you
please come back~

im so anxious
i felt like a pervert..uweekkk!

i want to meet my clumsy onew :(
get well soon dear!

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