Thursday, July 23, 2009

rina rinaaaaaaaaa ^^


i need REST..

oh God
give me peace!!

i am away from..


update only twitter :p

i need

>>rina says byebye my love
going to miss you :(


>> NOO!! I CANT<<



i cant help myself ~

sleepy?!! (@_@)

school's stories
went to school like always
but today was different
yah! im so sleepy!

class ::

add maths:
entered the class..10 minutes late
everybody's quiet
so sleepy!
i dont understand today's topic..damndamn

late again..went to toilet first
learn new chapter;inheritance
duhh! i've learnt this before but still confused
and everybody still quiet..wth!
still sleepy (@_@) but focused
love biology! ????? wuhh~

teacher teach happily
i have to listen..reluctantly!

rest time:
ate with cath..only 2 of us
so bored~
elvie! we miss you!!
get well soon and come to school!!!!

the first minutes; freshy..freshy
then..oh-oh im sleepy again!
give me pillow! want to sleep~
cikgu teach energetic (#_#)
and he talked about next class..
too much..again and again
lazy to listen.. huhh!

everybody didnt finish hmwok
not all lah..but most
so detention!!
thank God im not one of them :)
teacher didnt teach today!
ohh so good~~

learnt about the drama
puteri hang li po
and yeahyeah
cikgu went out early :)

before get home:
discuss about interact
and class scary day
*finally went home :) :)

felt sleepy all day~
want to sleep now
good evening :p

>sigh is the big matter<

Monday, July 20, 2009

it's rina condition~

i felt soooo i dont know..
i dont know what i feel...sigh~

thanks to all
especially my sexyy!!
you all make me totally happyhappy rabbit
and mr eric
for helping me with my oh-so crazy problem :p

oh yaa..if i say
i can fly
everyday..can/will i fly??
sir dont get mad ahh~

what else ahh?!
got so many things to write
but i forgot..huhh!!

ok think about
pen holding a trophy with a car shape
there's a shoes..written sky
in the sky there's a big cat it says lamp
in the lamp there's a picture of my mom

yeah i got it again
hope study will be easy as this ^^

>>[a cheering song]<< rina can do it
she's the best
she only have to sing the song beat it..yeah!
so that she can beat everybody..hahaa
>>okay what's the relationship??

>>mueol haedo rina sangdae<<

im out of idea..buhhh~~
but i still want to write something..
to release the stone in my head
so that i can study well :p
so think..think..

heyy..i think this guy is super duper hot..
dont you think?? :p

well..he's mine now~ hahaa..

play the song; 상상 by 송은이

onew i miss you :p

Friday, July 17, 2009

question ohh answer

what more can i say ??

..i have NO

♥onew..i miss you soooo muchh♥

Sunday, July 12, 2009


i went window shopping
and now is time for wishlist
next is real shopa shopp :p

first: dress.. :)

second: heels + sandal :p

i believe my parent would run away with their money
hahaa.. :D

love you my and dy
give some $$ hehee..
sis lets go hit the store~ :p

>> rina goes crazy (^_^)

Monday, July 6, 2009

ee ba bo is a part of life~

i dont need friend or friends
who dont need me..
as their friend

to them:

i dont need you all
get lost go to dead and straight away go to hell

and guys:

im sorry all i can say
i dont need a man~
i can live all by myself

my family:

i dont care about my result
i have planned my future
and i am chasing after it badly~

and my dearest self:

we know what to do
we have planned everything
no matter what happen
we will still go for it


>>thinking about leaving malaysia~

goodbye all! :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

bumblebee :)

i've finished watched 'i like it hot'
huhh! love the drama though
it's quite boring~
what i like about the drama is because..
it talks about life~ life of women..
and it's inspired me a bit! :p

and just now i`ve watched
this drama; nur kasih
and i wondered..
does a women like nur still exist?
she's so kind and....perfect!

stop talking about drama
lets come back to reality..

at school..
duhh! i felt horrible
why the peoples who sat next to me
always change their sat??
like shit which will be found anywhere
i hate sit alone..with no one by my right and left..fuckfuck!

im boring with my life :/
i want to study for the shit spm
it's scare me a lot..

i became more moody these day
take note: it's not pms... :p
i felt bathed~

i miss the old rina 
rina who always fine
take good care of her family
and care for everybody feelings
hate no one and never has the courage
to talk bad things about others
rina oh rina
i want you back
i miss you so much.i love you
please come back~

im so anxious
i felt like a pervert..uweekkk!

i want to meet my clumsy onew :(
get well soon dear!

tagged :)

1. who tag you?
who?! my friends lahh :)

2. do you like tags?
yeahyeah! :p

3. If you can have a dream to come true,what would it be?
hurm..i`ll keep this as a secret :)

4. What is your current mood?

5. What will u do if your crush said he/she adores u too?
jump in happiness :p

6. Will you fall in love with your bestfriend?
depends..but i hope NOT

7. Which will you prefer,loving someone or being loved by someone?
both~ so that i would be happy :)..hahahha

8. What is your favourite food?
err..i love foods..hahaa..everything! anything! :p

9. If the person you dislike is right infront of you,what will you do?
looked at him/her for a moment then away

10. What do you pray each day for your loved ones?

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
a woman who happy with her life :) [insyaallah]

12. What is the reason that could make you tensed up?
straight forward peoples..and..peoples who b'lagak and eksen mw mampos! :/

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tag u is?
full of hopes :) right kak alia?! :p

14. Would you rather be a single and rich or married but poor?
single and rich :) like the song 'i dont need a man'
hahhaa..nowadays money is everything.relationship is nothing`

15. Would you sacrifice for your loved ones?
depends~ :p

16. What's the character must have in your partner?
sense of humor :)
to make me laugh all day :p

17. If you fall in love with to people simultanously,who would you like to pick? idea..dont know.. :p

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that someone has done? not sure..but usually i dont forgive and forget too easy
even after a decade..[seriously]

19. Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
single is fun..relationship is fun..both is fun :p

20. What is your embarassing moment?
hahhaaa..i cant remember~

21. Who are the 5 person that you would like to tag?


[thank God only five]

*whoever yg intereted to do problem..go on :) *

Thursday, July 2, 2009

what to say ?

im back :)
uhh i miss blogging!
but i have nohing to write~~ :(

okay this week im so tired
always tidur lambat
huhh! no enough sleep :(

now is july
damn..4 months left to spm
ohh i hate it~
ehh yakah 4 months? huh! :/

what else arr??

huhh no idea

i wondered why this post full of sigh