Monday, June 8, 2009

natural beauty??..everyone own it..!!

this may hurt~
dont read! yaa..
this just came out of my mind spontaneously..


im a lil bit confused with some people
when taking picture..
they make lots of style~

make their eyes bigger
show duck`s mouth

with these pose and that pose
what the hell?!
my eyes crack!

they thought they would look prettier or should i say cute
they are not!!!
they look ugly!! yaa totally ugly than usual
why oh why???
boys or girls..they are the same!
why dont we just show our real smile??
no plastic please!!
dont we love our natural beauty??
God gave us..dont we love it??

stop the plastic please!
be ourselves~
love the natural beauty..

>>this post not included personal message
this isnt a warning or whatever..

as i said's spontaneous
i knew this may hurt some peoples but
i hope there will be no heart feeling here
this is just what i perspective

*siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas
so i really hope that nobody eat 'those cili'

so people remember..this is just
my perspective


alia ary said...

i couldn't agree more. i remember of doing it when i was younger, hahahaha. but if ur 20++, just stop doing it already, its so not cool. but, hak masing-masing ;p

rinafarizan said...

yaa..i knew it~ haahaa
some of my csn do it..
but nowadays makin byk this kind of people..

alia ary said...

yea la, sumtimes it annoys the crap out of you. rase mcm, gosh gediknyer dorang nie, but after all, suka hati dorang la. kite tengok je... huhuhu

rinafarizan said...

i cant do anything!
everybody got hak masing2
:p lol~