Tuesday, June 23, 2009

huhh! (+__+) sucks~

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this is not showing off or whatever
i just
felt bad and felt want to write it down here
cuz i dont know what else to do
so that i can cool down myself~

i dont want to buy anything from inanam shop anymore
unless food~
is it just me or what?
everytime i bought something in inanam
there must something bad happened
i bought this dress at rm19.90..cheap~
but the damnshit happened when
i couldnt fit it with any accessories especially my leggings
damn it~

ohh i shouldnt go to inanam shop~ i should stop!
i hate it..
plus all the pilak yg mcm tahii
when i went to inanam all i can see is pilak..wth
the government should do something!
i wondered why inanam?!

mom lets stop going to inanam~
i can stop myself!! yaa..totally!!
but not others..i mean my family..daa~~
especially when they ask me to follow them..duhhh~

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