Saturday, May 9, 2009

mammy... (^_^)

to my beloved mammy
mi rina love you sgt2
you are my soul..
no one can take your place in my heart
im sorry for all the mistakes i`ve done
i know im not a good daughter
i hurt you.i make you cry.
but you never hate me
you even love me and teach me how to be a great person
you teach me and everything
that you could teach me..
you scolded me whenever i made mistakes
to remind me that im wrong
when im sick.hurt.sad.happy
you always by my side
to take care of me
your advice always in my mind
your words always in my mind
you said i am your hope
you said you love me
you said i must succeed
you said these and that...
and i replied okay mi
but the truth is..
mi..i`ll do whatever to make you happy
and i`ll try my best to make everything you wanted come true
and i`ll show you that i can make everything possible..
mamy i love you~

>>happy mother`s day to all mothers in the world<<

..mammy you are everything..

saranghae omma

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