Friday, May 22, 2009

getting older..huh!

today is 22may..tomorrow 23may
hey that DATEEEEE..ngehh!
it`s my bday..huhuu
sweet seventeen..neeh~~
im getting older..OMG!
bday is a bday lah..
i have nooooooo noooooo
no present wishlist!
no present is okay!
as long as i still alive
it is more than enough ^_^


now i have stupid idiot problem..
i had headache again!
gosh its hurts so much
i dont want to go to tuition tmrow..mamy!
i want to sleep all day~
and internet connection was damn slowww
real slow..i can die waiting for it to load~
more headache..huh!


lets talk about what happened few minutes ago...

just now..
mamy knocked my door..i opened it..and..
omma said:
stopped by 11pm
i said:
omma said:
tmrow tuition.go to bed early.i`ll come back at 11
i said:
omma said:
ohhh u ar..
i said:
and omma went to her room..

few minutes ago..
dady came to my room..
appa said:
ehh u not study?! i thought u are studying
i said:
yea! study lah ne..
appa said:
yeah hard
i said:
and appa knocked my head..hahaha..

my lil sis..
no comment!
always to me~
too much words till cant remember..hahaha..

you read it..and what?
hahaa..juz read it lahh...
cuz moral of the story is...
i love my family so much
and i love tofu too..cuz it`s too cute

for them:

wiwie>sorry! lambat return ur book
but no worry.ur book is in good condition! :)

the woo>i love you all~
:) :)

meo>oii..dont be too serious! wakaka..

rinaonew>happy bday! xp

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