Friday, March 13, 2009

is it big or small?!

what had happened to us??
i texted you but you didnt replied me..
you said you dont have the mood..
so i decided to gave you some time
but then i miss you..
however you still didnt have the mood..huh!
what is our relationship now??
i got boring with this situation
what's wrong?? is it me or you??
what's ur problem?!
..why oh why..

☻♥ ☻♥ ☻♥ ☻☻♥ ☻♥ ☻♥ ☻
i don't have mood too
i'm bored..
i'm tired.i'm lazy

☻♥ ☻♥ ☻♥ ☻☻♥ ☻♥ ☻♥ ☻

you say hai.i say hai tooyou love me.i love you too
you miss me.i miss you too

you hate me.i hate you too
you leave me.i leave you too
you have her.i have him too
you say bye.i say byebye to you


SIR"AdE' said...

aik,mcm kasian plak ko nih cess..
what happen??
hehehe..hoki mmg siok...sgt2 sgt ktagih oww..
hri slasa,jmaat n sbtu nih,kmi ada friendly..hihi..ndak sbar owww..

rinafarizan said...

nda taw lah boss..he aku yakin jaa laah..hahahhaaaa...xp

SIR"AdE' said...

sbar jak ko bha ging..
mcm TRT ckap,yakin jak..

rinafarizan said...

yeah :)
thnx mann..
i do will yakin jaa..hahahaa..