Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 and 2009

happy new year 2009
may God bless all of us
and may all of our wishes come true
in this precious new year... (^_^)
to all :
so sorry for all the mistakes ive done to you guys in 2008
please forgive me..hahahaaa..

2008 recall...
so many things had happened to me
hihii..[lots and i forgotten abt it already lol..]
and im hoping that
ive learned from it..hehee..

2009 wishes..
become more hardworking for coming dying exam..
more mature than before..hahaa..
being a good daughter.sister.friend.student.and alllllll...
i want to be the best..hohoohooo...

it was already 2009 ..
[what a turtle] huahuaaa.. spm year..hahaa..
so this year i'll be seldom on9..
anything just text me..reply are guarantee lol
cuz hp always on..hihii
comment also can laa..might be reply u late..
but still will worries.. :)

...ok buhbyee...

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