Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dandelion's Promise

The dandelion next to the fence in primary school
It was a scenery that had flavour in my memory
Taking an afternoon nap,cicada noise comes from the playground
After how many years,it will sounds good
Fold up the dreams into a paper airplane and send it as a letter
Because we can't wait for meteor
Throwing the coin that decide fate seriously
Yet,i don't know where can i go
A promise made when growing up together
It's so clear
I believe it since we made a pinky swear
We said we would go on holiday together
It is nowadays your only wilful persistence
In the corridor we stand as punishment and have our hands slapped
Yet we pay attention to the dragonfly by the window
Wherever i go you will follow very closely
Lots of dreams are waiting to done
A promise made when growing up together
It's so sincere
The one time i can't stop chatting to you about
And I already can't tell the difference
Whether you are friendship or love I missed out on

Friday, December 25, 2009

the december love~


may this christmas bring us a lot of happiness love and bless

Thursday, December 24, 2009


sorry didnt update!
now so busy working~
everyday is *tired day*

now i eat less
got rest less
sleep less
i want sleep 10++ hours like before..
until boring go to sleep =.='
oh i really miss that diamond days

i am no longer school student
whoaa..cant believe this!!
now i am working (=.=)'
LOL.this is what i want before
now work lah apa lagi..
but very tired..malas!lazy! pheww''

im not looking for the money
but i like to have sales :p :p
cause it shows that i really can do it
yeah..yeah..*ah yalah tu*

about other things there..
erm..lazy to write lah..
biar lah tu~
kasi no comment only~


i miss my oppa :( :(
it's been really really a long time since our last chit chat :( :(


oh yaa..
found cutie..
he's super duper cute comel gwiyopda
unfortunately, sangat mahu mampos *proud*
(=.=)' (=.=)'
*malas mahu layan lah*


since the imba exam finished
now everybody is free
saw all my friends blogs'
update so fast!!
im so jealous..
their blogs' gets prettier
but mine still same..
even the post :p :p
looking at my chatbox
=.= huhh very sad..
nobody leave me message
even as simple as *hello*
people!! dont just read lah..
leave me some messages~~
blueekk.. ;p ;p


i dont like windows 7
very complicated~

im tired..

im hungry

please stop gossiping people!
i dont like it
they just teaching me
they were my senior friend and brother
it is good that they were so kind to me :) :) :)
no more gossip!! please!!


may happiness bless love always with me

and the people around me

thank you!

byebye :) :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

new helloo :)

exam finished!!
i'm so happy :) :)

today is the last day
for me wearing the school uniform..
and now going to say bye bye to high school life~


my family brought me to eat pizza
so yummy yummy :) :)
and i met my old friend : DEROLINE
she has long hair now..very pretty..

on the way home
at the traffic light..
i saw cute kiddies in a car next to my car
they so cute cute (^_^)
and suddenly they..wave** cute~~
i wave back and #$%* lost~~
our car went to different way


went to 할머니 house
we have barbeque
wowww!! this is so cool~
meet taegoon kyuhyun seunghyun
they my super duper hot cousin

tomorrow's plan is postpone**
very sad~


한국에 곧 갈거야 :)

기다릴 수 없어!!



한국어 기분**

난 지금 행복 해요

내 시험 ..에 대해서는 그것에 대해 .. 난 그러고 싶지 않아 생각 하고싶지도 않아 ~

난 자유롭 거든 :) :)

Monday, October 12, 2009



a few weeks left till my big exam
im so scared that i couldnt sleep well
and now
im so busy preparing
i look lke nerd'
wherever i go
i always bring my books
usually i didnt have time to read them
this would be my last post till the exam finish
i will only update after the exam ^^
but...i will update my TWITTER :)




> i am so scared of the exam but i want it to end early

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


at first
there's so many things i want to write
but now..
i forgot

im so busy these day
my exam is coming..
and im so stressed
i didnt study much me!

i kept thinking about *******
ok thats secret
it's about a dream~

im out of idea~

hiew> approve my bff request at fb..faster!
uh..what kind of friend is this =_="

that's all


서울, 난 당신이 그리워요 :(

ok..ok..enough for now~


Friday, October 2, 2009




the thanksgiving day is here :)


린 아

Sunday, September 27, 2009

안녕 !!

i'm back

but so tired

update later..



Thursday, September 17, 2009


내 마을로 내일 갈거야 ..
하지만 너무 슬퍼 ..
내가 기분이 안
집에 있고 싶어
자고 .. TV를 시청하고 뭔가를 편안하게
그건 내 스트레스를 줄일 수있습니다
금식을 시작 그 이후 충분한 수면이 없어
난 너무 피곤해 ..

저는 약 2 주 동안 온라인 상태가 아닌 것입니다
한심한 !! :(
내 블로그 트위터와 페이스 북이 그리울 것이다

단지 귀하의 메시지 .. 괜찮 아요 떠나


bye! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

much love :)





update soon :)

love, 린 아

aigoo~ so cute (^-^)

snuggle bunny :)

you are my sweetest love
that love i always want to hug
because i really love you
the world just has to know
ill do anything for you
theres nothing i wouldnt do
snuggle cuddle and then hug me
with you i always want to be
my love is deep and true
id be lost if not with you
so lonely would that be
if not for you and me
ill do anything for you
theres nothing i wouldnt do
snuggle cuddle and then hug me
with you i always want to be
our feelings are so strong
and our hearts will beat as one
a never ending story
is what i have with you
ill do anything for you
theres nothing i wouldnt do
snuggle cuddle and then hug me
with you i always want to be
you are my sweetest love
that love i always want to hug
because i really love you
the world just has to know
ill do anything for you
theres nothing i wouldnt do
snuggle cuddle and then hug me
with you i always want to be

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


9 september 2009


it's all about nine..

today very lucky :)

yesterday also lucky :)

hope tomorrow still lucky :)

thank you God

i love you~

*but i hope NO! 9 for spm :/

no way!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

new smile :)

a baby is smiling :)
:p :p

finally i got back my mood :p
it's been ages..since my last post :p
naahh..not really!
so many things happened
but i dont have the mood to write/type
and now i've forgot what happened :p
forget laa..

actually still remember some..


last few days..
im so stressed..i cried..i slept..
i let everything goes by [sigh]
what the hell im talking? =.=

ohh..i forgot what i want to say earlier =.=


on Aug 31st
i bought new hp [wink]
after few months borrowed mamy's hp
cuz my old hp had damaged
finally i got new hp..wuhuu
real MERDEKA for me :)
uhh..waited so long to get this
hello kitty cute hp xD
finally you're mine..hehee

>this phone from china..
ppl said wasnt good..
uhh i dont care!!
if it rosak..i'll buy new one again :p
somehow i will take good care of this phone
cuz it's super duper cute [wink.wink]
but so strange..
as i told earlier it's from china
however there's no chinese language..wth!
when someone text me in chinese
the words become square
huhh! nvrm..

got trial..excel~

i want holiday
mr holiday..come faster lah!
i want you~
but not mr spm..

how many month left till i leave the sch? :p
happy or sad?
happy to leave the sch..
no more teachers..homework..etc
but going to miss my friends.. :p
~~woii not yet lah rina!
now still go to friends puas2..
play byk2..laugh byk2..
*act like kid while we can*

oh yaa..
that day~~
went shopping.. much fun..
i bought everything i wanted
going to shopping once again..
[big smile]

so tired =.=
im happyhappy rabbit
forget tired..

> so hot! :p

Thursday, August 27, 2009


늦었 남자 친구의 기억

안녕하세요, 어떻게하는 거예요?
아직도 이전처럼 ... 귀여운 얼굴입니다
내 말, 내 말 작별 인사 안부 털어놓진, 난 ... 쓰기

만약 당신이 단순히 편지를 왜 내게 물어 보지 내가 궁금해
미니 홈페이지에 때 메시지가 더 일반적입니다
꼭 내 펜을 .. 데리러 만약 내가 내 마음을 전달할 수없습니다
내가 이런식으로, 어떤 다른 방법으로 할 수 없어 느낌이
정말 힘들 었어. 언제 내가 당신을 사랑
아무 방법이 내가 원했던 일이 있었는지
내가 직접 당신을 귀찮게 계속 중단 약속
비록 내가 죽음 때까지 기다려, 당신은 오지 않을

안녕, 내 사랑. 난 이제 놓아 줄게.
전언과 추억, 내가 모든 것을 잊을거야
난 지울 테니 지우고과 사랑의 비어있는 모든 드롭 아웃
내 마음에서

한 번만, 한 번만 더, 만약 내가 또 얼마나 될 .. 만나서 반가워
첨부 파일이 미련이 눈물, 내가 다 지울거야

로 시체를 멀리 깨지고 그 마음이 더욱 떨어져 잘 자라고 말하는
내게 아무 소용이입니다, 모두 거짓말
일상, 내가 더 녹초가되고 .. 난 당신이 일으키는 문제에 대한 미안 해요
일상 생활, 저도 스스로에게 물어, "우리가 다시"갈 수

경우에도 제가 고민 심장을 짜내다 빠져 울고, 안 들려요
우리의 기억을 종료 후, 우리가 헤어지기 전 깨달았어요,시
난 네가 내 마음을 ...에서 넘어 가죠 안녕히 가세요

안녕, 내 사랑. 난 이제 놓아 줄게.
전언과 추억, 내가 모든 것을 잊을거야
난 지울 테니 지우고과 사랑의 비어있는 모든 드롭 아웃
내 마음에서

난 시간이 널 잊을 거라고 생각으로 간다
하지만 당신은 내 마음에 다시 다시 방법을 찾는 계속

난 못해 .. 내 사랑을 그냥 내버려둘 수 없어요
내가 당신을 잊지 너희가
아무리 내가 지우려고
당신이 날위한 유일한 것 같군요
미안 해요

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

old addiction come again..

all time favourite movies :)
movies that teach us about life
i dont know why i post this
all i can say is because
i love this movies much..much
especially sepet..
so close to my life :p
and yeah! this movies berjaya made me cry :p
this addiction ever happened before
when this movies still hot!
and now my addiction came back
what happen actually?
what makes it repeated??

everything happen for reason
something happened and it reminds me of this movie
feels like want to cry..wuwuu
i dont want to cry!!
laugh more~


>>ng choo seong<<
so hot lehh :p
*it's so sad when orked went to see jason's stuff
*the letter.handphone
*and his voice read his own letter..
*orked's crying..
>>gosh! i want to cry too

plus..i love the chinese song in sepet

director:the late yasmin ahmad
love all her karya..different from others
will be missed her :(

Saturday, August 22, 2009

unburden oneself..

yesterday and today
i stick to chnl110 at astro
i got the chance to watch my
fav movie: sepet

i watched it again again and again
i knew everybody at home got boring
but i dont so selfish

내 남자 친구가 생각나는
우리가 각각 1 시간도 채 다른 알고
우리가 전화를 각각 '기타 Sayang'
나는 그가 나에게 전화를 할 때 그것처럼
갑자기 그가 변했지만 ..
내가 그에게 무슨 일이 잘 모릅니다

그가 이미 새 여자 친구를 찾은 것 같아
내가 여자를 알고 있었을 거라고 생각

우리 관계가 지금은 상황이 달라
그건 .. 그가 나에게 내가 모르는 것처럼 그를 모르겠 ... 그래서 자아
그리고 그 느낌은 그가 내게서 실행되고있어

하지만 그게 의미가있다 :
* * 어제 밤에 난 당신의 생각
내가 혼란에 .. 난 그를 믿어야만 해요??

사실 그에게 무슨 일이?
그는 아무 말도없이 .. 날 나뭇잎
너무 슬퍼 ~

그는 여전히 나를 사랑했다
하지만 그는
내 느낌에 대해 절대 신경


그가 죽은

i miss that moment :(
wish i could repeat the time
and not so jealous =.=

.unforgettable regret.

end of story

Thursday, August 20, 2009

the hard truth

so pathetic
want to run away
.story end.
want to be alone
and thinking about my stupid problem

i need ur bless
bless me!
i need ur help
help me!
i need you
come to me!
i want you
take me with you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

나는 당신을 사랑합니다

이렇게 슬픈지
내 친구가 내 느낌에 대해 신경 안 써

* 이제 난 내 다른 친구의 재생 목록에 들어
허! 그것을 내게도 슬프게

너무 혼란 스러워요
왜 내 친구들은 항상 나를 다치게
난 항상 아주 좋은 친구가 되려고 노력
하지만 그들은 항상 오해받을

내 태도 때문입니까?
정말 뜻입니까?

내 친구 ..
난 내 최선을 다하고있다

자신의 감정에 신경
나는 당신에게 매우 친절
심지어 당신은 날 다치게 할 때
이런 일이 아무것도 척

왜냐하면 난 당신의 느낌에 대한 관심

하지만 당신은 날 이해 못해
그리고 당신은 여전히 나를 다치게
당신이 왜 내 기분이 다친다고?
또 한번, 또 한번 ..


Monday, August 10, 2009

stress again? huhh!

내가 내 입으로 당겨 사람이 필요해
위의 그림처럼 ^^

그날 내게 너무 어렵 더라
나의 선생님이 항상 날 압력
내가 갈 때까지 많은 숙제를 공부 할 시간이 없어요

제 동급생 ..
그들 모두 나를 미치게 만들어
휴! 제가 취할 수 소원
일일 .. 잠이 막 잠이!

정말 스트레스 오전
난 내 숙제를 제대로하지 않는 멍청한 짓을
오!! 난 그게 싫어 ..
내가 바꿀 필요가

요즘 안 좋은 일이 ..
질병이 가장 큰 문제입니다

신의 축복이 내 가족과 나
나는 당신을 사랑합니다

내가 무도회 가고 싶어
우리도 훌륭한 수준의 파티를 만들어 먹자
하지만 돈은 큰 문제가 ..
모두들 생각도 그것에 대해 많이
그게 싫어



Thursday, August 6, 2009

boys ? ? ?

list ten characteristic of boy/girl that you love..
then tagged 5 peoples..
those 5 peoples have to answer this and post their answer to their own blog :)

this Q was so hard..
but i`ve been i have to..


1. not younger than me...and not too older than me..
hehee..most important!!!
selang 4.5.6 tu ok lah..but 10..err...dont think so lahh..

2. taller than me..
yeah ini pun penting :p

3. funny :)
so i can laugh all day :D

4. hygienic..
uhh..of course la kena jaga kebersihan..
utk mgelakkan segala jenis penyakit :)

yeah! gaya itu amat penting for me
ya lorh..malu lah
if go dating or hang out together with friends..
but bf so selekeh..ewww!! malluuuu..

6. respect..
love guy yg respect my family friends and
of course me..

7. understanding..
yeah! like this..
he* need to understand me so much..much..

8.good traits
oh yaa..
he* should has very very nice traits..

9. good looking..
nowadays..people said look is nothing
but's everything for me :p
i looked for traits and look..hahha..

10. hurmm..what ahh??
i think guys like onew and seulong attract me a lot :p
haha..hell yeah!!
they're super duper hot.cute. :p
who's onew..who's seulong..

what more can i say??

my tag :
who?? you!
i mean..whoever~

Sunday, August 2, 2009

a brand new day :)

in my my older post..
i did wrote..
im away from...blablablaa..
but actually i dont :p
i think kak alia was totally right
im addicted to internet..huhh! (@_@)
hate this..

i getting better each day..
my stress..away from me now..
oh yaa..still lah..a bit :p
but not bad as before


last saturday..
my sch have Kokum Day
super duper fun :)
my class made a horror cinema ;p
gosh! i love it damn much!!
we got
and friendship..more..more..more..
* it's tiring though
we stayed till about 3++pm
and the best part was
when the cinema closed
we tidy up the class
and it's very very clean..
like nothing ever happen..yeah!!
teacher,see..we can take good care of the class bah!
no's clean and tidy now :)
plus..we got lots of money :D
and of course..TEAMWORK needed to done all those horror things
congrats 5 waja :)
this would be 2009 sweet moment

i went home and suffer for more.. sleepy lahh..
cant help myself..went bed at 9 :p


this morning..
i went tuition..
i felt bad..
dont know why
skip classes and went to buy panadol*
i met amirul [wink]
he`s such a hottie :p


someone ask me lots Q about one thing ::
rina you dont hv bf ah?what u dont hv bf?
how come? cant be lahh..u hv kan?
ehh dont lie lahh..just tell me..
then he saw me with this guy..and she said ::
ohh..thts ur bf?? hehe i knew it..
u must hv bf punya..but..
isnt tht someone bf.. u drag him away? uhh..

and i say ::
my dear friend i dont hv bf lahh
and tht guy wasnt my bf..
he's not anyone bf..i didnt drag him away
i added ::
lazy to think about tht now..
so lazy..lazy..lazy..lazy..
it means nothing..
i mean..i got no time for tht lah
and she went away..
im confused and i dont know wht she wants..

moral of the story ::

i dont hv bf and i dont want to hv bf now
so for all guys out there
who perasan konon2 i love them
and makes lots stories about me loving them
and chasing after them..TOLONGLAH..HELL~
please boys! stop it now..
cuz i hv no time to love you
so jgn perasan lahh..okay
thank you.
no heart feeling :)
hanya notis pemberitahuan ^^


i more story..
my head spining..
i want my pillow..

it's time to sleep
no more thinking..


5waja community :: uninvited crew*


and will post more pictures soon ^^

Thursday, July 23, 2009

rina rinaaaaaaaaa ^^


i need REST..

oh God
give me peace!!

i am away from..


update only twitter :p

i need

>>rina says byebye my love
going to miss you :(


>> NOO!! I CANT<<



i cant help myself ~

sleepy?!! (@_@)

school's stories
went to school like always
but today was different
yah! im so sleepy!

class ::

add maths:
entered the class..10 minutes late
everybody's quiet
so sleepy!
i dont understand today's topic..damndamn

late again..went to toilet first
learn new chapter;inheritance
duhh! i've learnt this before but still confused
and everybody still quiet..wth!
still sleepy (@_@) but focused
love biology! ????? wuhh~

teacher teach happily
i have to listen..reluctantly!

rest time:
ate with cath..only 2 of us
so bored~
elvie! we miss you!!
get well soon and come to school!!!!

the first minutes; freshy..freshy
then..oh-oh im sleepy again!
give me pillow! want to sleep~
cikgu teach energetic (#_#)
and he talked about next class..
too much..again and again
lazy to listen.. huhh!

everybody didnt finish hmwok
not all lah..but most
so detention!!
thank God im not one of them :)
teacher didnt teach today!
ohh so good~~

learnt about the drama
puteri hang li po
and yeahyeah
cikgu went out early :)

before get home:
discuss about interact
and class scary day
*finally went home :) :)

felt sleepy all day~
want to sleep now
good evening :p

>sigh is the big matter<

Monday, July 20, 2009

it's rina condition~

i felt soooo i dont know..
i dont know what i feel...sigh~

thanks to all
especially my sexyy!!
you all make me totally happyhappy rabbit
and mr eric
for helping me with my oh-so crazy problem :p

oh yaa..if i say
i can fly
everyday..can/will i fly??
sir dont get mad ahh~

what else ahh?!
got so many things to write
but i forgot..huhh!!

ok think about
pen holding a trophy with a car shape
there's a shoes..written sky
in the sky there's a big cat it says lamp
in the lamp there's a picture of my mom

yeah i got it again
hope study will be easy as this ^^

>>[a cheering song]<< rina can do it
she's the best
she only have to sing the song beat it..yeah!
so that she can beat everybody..hahaa
>>okay what's the relationship??

>>mueol haedo rina sangdae<<

im out of idea..buhhh~~
but i still want to write something..
to release the stone in my head
so that i can study well :p
so think..think..

heyy..i think this guy is super duper hot..
dont you think?? :p

well..he's mine now~ hahaa..

play the song; 상상 by 송은이

onew i miss you :p

Friday, July 17, 2009

question ohh answer

what more can i say ??

..i have NO

♥onew..i miss you soooo muchh♥

Sunday, July 12, 2009


i went window shopping
and now is time for wishlist
next is real shopa shopp :p

first: dress.. :)

second: heels + sandal :p

i believe my parent would run away with their money
hahaa.. :D

love you my and dy
give some $$ hehee..
sis lets go hit the store~ :p

>> rina goes crazy (^_^)