Sunday, December 21, 2008

yes and no

im so confused..
sometimes i think the day runs so fast
but sometimes its not..duhh! day still the same..
i have this disease..i call it :
yes and no
wanna know what is it??
well..i guess everybody got this disease..hahaa..
>when it is a school day..i want a holiday..
but when it was a school holiday..i wanted to go to school..
but not really lah..cuz i love enjoying my holiday..
either its boring or fun i just wanted a break..

>>the family matter
wow! i`ve just had a big fight with mom few days ago..
but now it`s okay already..
ever since my dad change the main study table
(table for on9 la konon)
i got no privacy..
my lil sis always sat next to me and watching what im doing..
well..actually she`s playing with the chair which im sat on..
but she still watching what im doing...and im so not comfortable..huhuu..

>>and cuti almost done..hahaa
which means holiday maw habis sdh lorr..
the school day is coming in happy face..

>>now i was chatting with my beloved fren..said
gosh! miss him so much..
he was my tuition mate..he`s hot..
we dont meet for almost a year..
chatting with him tonight..
remind me of all the sweet moment we have during studying together
(we are not former couple..we are actually bestfriend)
he had helped me so much..
i`ve ever had a crush on him..hahaa
tapi nda laa feeling gitu2 jaa..
BUT sekarang nda sdh laa..hahaa..
oh..he`s such a nice to be friend with him...


esse said...

Hi Rina,
thanks for inviting esse. cantik & cool blog awak, jangan lupa jadi pengunjung setia esse tau!lagi bagus kalau awak boleh sign our guessbook!

rinafarizan said...

for sure :)