Tuesday, December 16, 2008

through december love..

holaa..oh wow..
its been a few dayz since my last post..
actually there`s a reason for it..
boring..that was the reason..hihii..
online for most of time..
GOSH..it makes me quiet happy at first but
it has became my routine..duhh..
and i realize that it`s not good for my health as
i always sleep late and woke up late too..
plus all the sakit2 that had came out..fuhh!
then i took a change for myself..
YES..i do miss all my things on the line..
but then i have to think about myself good too..
~the change was quiet useful..*i thought*
as i became more healthier now..huhuu..[big wink] :)

after all...today was my first online..hiiiihii
damn..i took a really really long time..
cuz i have to check all my things..
and make sure everything updated..
gosh..its tiring..plus the moody mood now...
~~but myloverblog always be the one who cheer me up..[double wink] :) :)

give a
big clap to me..
i have succeed throw chipsmore away from my life..
(not the biscuit okay!!)
i`ve become so much happier now
without thinking about

actually there`s so many things i wanted to write
but i just dont know where to start..
lets begin slowly..

christmas is coming..
and im going to celebrate it with my maternal family
plus my cousin`s wedding..
this would be a fun christmas ever..
(hoping soo)

this year..i found that
i`ve learned so many things about everything..
but i always think about my life in the future..
what would happen to me??
what would i do??
where would i be??
GOSH..this things has fear me everyday..

i just cant believe that..
im no longer a small girl..
im going to leave my high school life..
time runs so fast..

well..lets talk about me..
(juz a bit lah)

i really love the songs when i grow up by the pussycat dolls
dear..thats me!!..im the one who supposed to sing the song..hahha..
sound funny..but it was YES..the lyric show my passion..

huh! actually i still thinking about
my photoshoot oppurtunity that i had to rejected..
i had to do so..
im so frustated.. :(
it was my only chance but then i have to deny it...
and now pretending like never got it..
and sees the other girl who replace me..
whoa..its hurt..
(wanna cry now!)
okay..stop talking about that..!!

oh yaa..im so impatient to get back to my
old school..CEKAL..
my fav tuition centre ever..
luv the student..
(eventhough they showing off sometimes but not all of them)
luv the teacher..
(super duper hot..love them more than my school teacher)
spm makes me totally scared..
its about life..
dont want to talk about it..

oh wow..
i took a really long time to wrote all this..
and its long..hahhaa....
[super cute wink]

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