Friday, November 28, 2008

the question game become more loving now...

Name 5 people that mean a lot to you:

1. my daddy and my mammy

2. my lil sister..farah

3. my geng..yui..anis..ira..wahahhaa..

4. chipsmore..hihii :)

5. myself..miaaahhaaaa..selfish taw..

Number One:

What is the last party you attended with this person?

♣: hurm..tym bday si tina....

What do you love about this person?

♣: everything..cuz they are my parent..*grin*

how did you meet this person?

♣: woii..bungu they are my parent lu pikir laa sendiri cam mana aku jumpa dorang..wahhahahaa...

Is this person's phone number on your speed dial?

♣: i didnt use speed dial...hehheee..

Does this person call you by a nickname?

♣: yesh...KAKAK..ahhahahaa..

Number Two:

Have you ever kissed this person?

♣: no one mentioned lips~kissed aku anggap kiss biasa2 ja pernah..kan she`s my lil sis..

What is this person's favorite store to shop?

♣: LULU BELLE..ahhaha..her big fav tu ging...

Is this person taller than you?

♣: nope..BUT..i think kan she`s going to be taller than me laa...adoii..

Does this person know your parents?

♣: aduihaii..kami ne sibling YES laa..

Number 3:

What does this person drive?

♣: naadaa seorang pun pandai drive mana daa drive basikal ja laa..

Have you ever danced with this person?

♣: YESH..i danced with all of them...wahhahahaaa..

How long have you known each other?

♣: dari kami kecil2 lg..hehee..cuz kami cousin *grin*

Did you go to school with this person?

♣: iyaa...with si anis n ira..same school yui nda layak sdh sekolah..wakakaa...

Have you been on vacation together?

♣: PERNAH bha...syiok sangat..*grin* again..

Number 4:

Would you consider living with this person?

♣: mau jua laa...hehhee..hihiii..

When is the last time you talked on the phone to this friend?

♣: NEVER..kan aku nda suka main call2 ne..msg ja bha..ym kaa..wakakakaa..

Does this person have any siblings?

♣: mestilah...

Where does this person work or go to school?

♣: politeknik.. :)

Does this person know any of your secrets?

♣: hurm..ntah la nda pasti pula..hehheee..

Number 5:

Is this person single or taken?

♣: aku single la..miahhaaa.. but NOT AVAILABLE aarr..

Does this person have any pets?

♣: ada bha ada...ada rabbit..fishes..kura2..*grin* =)

Is this person a rebel or a rule follower?

♣: BOTH..depends la..actually kan aku paling la malaz mau layan ~rule~ rebel..ahhahaa..

Rate this person's looks 1-10

♣: huh! rate sendiri2 i give myself 10..wahhahaa..ahhaaaa...

How old was this person when you met?

♣: hah??!! cam mana mau jawab soalan ne??!! hahahahaa.... :D

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