Monday, August 18, 2008

my heart say..

actually there`s
so many things
i want to say..
cuz i felt
lotz feelings

by diz year
so many things i`ve
learn n felt

and also

about myself..
sometime i feel
really happy
and also sad
it z normal rite?!
but most of tym
i juz dont know
wat to do wit my life
i got boring wit it
i wanna change it
but i juz cant..
all can i do is
live it and
appreciate it!!

my family...
as i said before
they are my lover..
my everything..
i used to fight wit them sometimes
but in the end of the day
i know that
i cant live without them

i have few close fren..
they really kind to me
but sometimes
i juz dont understand them
they make me felt
the real meaning of frenship
that i never thought before..
hurm..lazy to talk about diz..

life z wonderful
we cant predict it
we have destiny
that olwez waiting for us

life z like a valley
it`s big n beautiful
to know what`s inside
we need to discover it..

so no matter what had happen
to our life
juz live it
and love it
cuz God will olwez wit us
n do remember that God loves us

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