Tuesday, December 23, 2008


i wont be online for this
christmas till new year..
so just leave me comment
or the easy way just text me..
i`ll reply soon.. :)

>>so impatient to have
a new haircut
after this christmas..
but syg jg lah..

Monday, December 22, 2008

going to say bye bye..

yay..cant believe it..now was dec22..
tomorrow im going to my kampung..
to celebrate christmas..
and i`ll be there for a quiet long time..
which means i cant..
online for a long long time..wuhh!!
and if i was so not fortunate..
i cant online till the summer holiday..
whoa..so lama owh..
so lets pray that i am lucky..[wink]

>>the jealousy<<>>sims girl<<
we are cousin lah..
but we act like sister..
and now we are looking for a new name..
hiihiii.. =)
hope we get a new cute name..

merry christmas..
and a
happy new year..

may God bless us all..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

yes and no

im so confused..
sometimes i think the day runs so fast
but sometimes its not..duhh!
well..my day still the same..
i have this disease..i call it :
yes and no
wanna know what is it??
well..i guess everybody got this disease..hahaa..
>when it is a school day..i want a holiday..
but when it was a school holiday..i wanted to go to school..
but not really lah..cuz i love enjoying my holiday..
either its boring or fun i just wanted a break..

>>the family matter
wow! i`ve just had a big fight with mom few days ago..
but now it`s okay already..
ever since my dad change the main study table
(table for on9 la konon)
i got no privacy..
my lil sis always sat next to me and watching what im doing..
well..actually she`s playing with the chair which im sat on..
but she still watching what im doing...and im so not comfortable..huhuu..

>>and cuti almost done..hahaa
which means holiday maw habis sdh lorr..
the school day is coming in happy face..

>>now i was chatting with my beloved fren..said
gosh! miss him so much..
he was my tuition mate..he`s hot..
we dont meet for almost a year..
chatting with him tonight..
remind me of all the sweet moment we have during studying together
(we are not former couple..we are actually bestfriend)
he had helped me so much..
i`ve ever had a crush on him..hahaa
tapi nda laa feeling abis..cam gitu2 jaa..
BUT sekarang nda sdh laa..hahaa..
oh..he`s such a nice friend..love to be friend with him...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

through december love..

holaa..oh wow..
its been a few dayz since my last post..
actually there`s a reason for it..
boring..that was the reason..hihii..
online for most of time..
GOSH..it makes me quiet happy at first but
it has became my routine..duhh..
and i realize that it`s not good for my health as
i always sleep late and woke up late too..
plus all the sakit2 that had came out..fuhh!
then i took a change for myself..
YES..i do miss all my things on the line..
but then i have to think about myself good too..
~the change was quiet useful..*i thought*
as i became more healthier now..huhuu..[big wink] :)

after all...today was my first online..hiiiihii
damn..i took a really really long time..
cuz i have to check all my things..
and make sure everything updated..
gosh..its tiring..plus the moody mood now...
~~but myloverblog always be the one who cheer me up..[double wink] :) :)

give a
big clap to me..
i have succeed throw chipsmore away from my life..
(not the biscuit okay!!)
i`ve become so much happier now
without thinking about

actually there`s so many things i wanted to write
but i just dont know where to start..
lets begin slowly..

christmas is coming..
and im going to celebrate it with my maternal family
plus my cousin`s wedding..
this would be a fun christmas ever..
(hoping soo)

this year..i found that
i`ve learned so many things about everything..
but i always think about my life in the future..
what would happen to me??
what would i do??
where would i be??
GOSH..this things has fear me everyday..

i just cant believe that..
im no longer a small girl..
im going to leave my high school life..
time runs so fast..

well..lets talk about me..
(juz a bit lah)

i really love the songs when i grow up by the pussycat dolls
dear..thats me!!..im the one who supposed to sing the song..hahha..
sound funny..but it was YES..the lyric show my passion..

huh! actually i still thinking about
my photoshoot oppurtunity that i had to rejected..
i had to do so..
im so frustated.. :(
it was my only chance but then i have to deny it...
and now pretending like never got it..
and sees the other girl who replace me..
whoa..its hurt..
(wanna cry now!)
okay..stop talking about that..!!

oh yaa..im so impatient to get back to my
old school..CEKAL..
my fav tuition centre ever..
luv the student..
(eventhough they showing off sometimes but not all of them)
luv the teacher..
(super duper hot..love them more than my school teacher)
spm makes me totally scared..
its about life..
dont want to talk about it..

oh wow..
i took a really long time to wrote all this..
and its long..hahhaa....
[super cute wink]

Sunday, November 30, 2008

OMG..the Q game still on laa..wahahaa..

Do you always answer your phone?

♫ depends laa..siapa yg call..if pyscho n org kurang kasih syg yg call..for sure nda jawab..

Its four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it?

♫ ntah..la nda taw..nda pernah pula aku dpt..if ada pun digi laa..bg tau crdt abis sdh..miahahaha..

If you could change your eye color what would it be?

♫ hurm..ntah la dang...nda pernah pula terfikir pasal ne...hehee..

Do you own a digital camera?

♫ oh tidak..pinjam camera dadi jaa..tp aku rasa2 cam aku waris sdh tuu...hahhaa..

Have you ever had a pet fish?

♫ ada bha ada..now laa..tp parent yg jaga..muahaha..

What is the last song to make you cry?

♫ NEVER cry for a song...if i do means bejiwang la aku tu...uwekks..nda main laa jiwang2..YUCKS..!!

Current worry?

♫ hah?!naadaa kalii..

Meet someone who changed your life?

♫ NOPE..kan aku sdh ckp i dont want to change for anybody..

Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?

♫ hurm..for what??..im not sure laa..maybe ya..haha..maw jua tgk traits aku dulu2..huhuu

Do you have any tattoo/piercing?

♫BOTH...ahahha..~fake tattoo laa.. =)

Will you be in a relationship 4 months from now?

♫ hurm..dont know...depends laa...CHIPSMORE..

Does anyone love you?

♫ YUPZ..my family...am i rite??!!...yaa..~betul la bha tu kan...hihii

Ever had someone sing to you?

♫hurm...ntah laii..x pasti la pula..ahhaaha..oh..ADA..a hapy bday song...from everyone lg..hahaa..kna kasi nyanyi jua bha..

Do you like to cuddle?

♫ YESH...but not bitch aar....excuse me!!..for me ~cuddle shows LOVE~...yeah!

Have you held hands with anyone today?

♫ ya..my lil sis n mamy..~luv them..*grin*

Who was the last person you took a picture of?


How many TVs do you have in your house?

♫two..2..miahaha.. ;D

Do you like orange juice?

♫ suka jua laa...byk vitamin c tu ging..

Do you like to play Scrabble?

♫ suka..boleh jd pandai..ahaaha..if boring segala game jd syiok taw..

what are you doing besides this?

♫ naadaa apa2..dgr lagu+tgk tv...

What were you doing 12 AM last night?

♫ still on the line...and bahagia chat sama si chipsmore...muahahaaha..and also answering soalan2 maut form the Q game..hohooo..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

they ask so i answer laa..

How old were you when you had your first relationship?

♥ 12....wakakkaka..


Are you taken/single?

♥single..and not available...


How old were you when you had your first kiss?

♥ NEVER been kissed...miahahaha..


What color is your underwear?

♥what??no answer for that...hahahaha...secret la oii..


Do you like anyone right now?

♥ YUPZ...si chipsmore...


Ever had your heart broken?

♥ hurm..NEVER..


Miss anyone right now?

♥i think kan..yesh laa...si chipsmore... =)


Who was the last person you sent a text to?

♥hurm...ntah nda ingat..hehhee...


Last person to text you?

♥ my lil sis...forward msg..hahahha..


Last person you saw?

♥ my lil sis..go to bed sdh...huhuu


What was the last thing you said to someone?

♥hurm..ntah laa...nda pasti pula tau...hihii


Who is top in your top friends?

♥ hah?! ntah...nda taw...


Who do you trust the most in your life?

♥ myself...hihii.. :)


Who do you love most?

♥my family n myself...*grin*


Ever been in love?

♥ YESH..hihii..


Who has hurt you the most?

♥ hurt yg camana ne??hohoo..byk jenis bha ~hurt~ ne...


Has a tragedy ever happened in your life?

♥hurm...i think yes...


Are you happy?

♥yes i am happy... =)


How many good friends do you have?

♥ byk la juaa..


Are there some songs you cant listen to because they remind you of someone?

♥hurm...naadaa..if ada rasa cam jiwang pula taw..miahahaha...


Have you ever cheated on a partner?

♥ pernah laa...tp utk kebaikan jua bha...muahahhaa..


Ever been cheated on?

♥not sure...hihii


Ever been told someone loved you?

♥ ada...hohoo..then pura2 buat muka nda percaya..ahhaha..


Ever told someone you loved them and meant it?

♥ NEVER..i am an old fashioned..im not a girl who run after a guy..boys!..you have to run after me..hihii. :)


Not meant it?

♥ what?? x paham la woii..


What is your idea of true love?

♥ respect..trust..love..sincere....*grin*


Do you believe in love at first sight?

♥ YESH...really2 believe in it...


Why or why not?

♥ cuz ada pengalaman laa..hehehee..


Do you believe that it is best to have a friendship first then love?

♥ hurm...x tau la pula..maybe yes n maybe no...depends laa..huhuu..


Do you believe that love can be found in bars or is that too much of a risk?

♥ i dont know...


Should people go to bars to find love?

♥ for what....there`s no need laa..buang minyak jaa p club...


Or should they go to places where people who like what they like hang out?

♥x paham la soalan ne...but i think kan..no need la find love let it find us..hiihii..cam berjiwang laa..adoii..


Do you want a relationship right now?

♥ hurm...no comment...nda tau..tp boring jua ow..CHIPSMORE..!!..wahahaha..

Friday, November 28, 2008

they give me the question then i give them the answer..

1.Whose picture is it that you keep in your wallet?
♥my own pixx together wit my lil sis..hohoo..

2.What time do you go to bed?
♥depends laa..tym sekolah lain..tym cuti lain..tym sakit lagi lah lain..ahhaha..

3.What was the last thing you did before filling this survey?
♥chat sama si chipsmore sambil tgk doraemon..wakakaka..lama nda tgk doraemon taw..

4.Who's the one you always meet the most?
♥my family...miahahhaa..

5.Who's the person you're gonna call if you need emotional help?
♥mana daa siapa2...aku on9 ja then buka blog...bg tau d blog saja laa...hihii..

6.What's on your mind just now?

7.What did you do last night?

8.With whom do you wanna have fun?

9.When was the last time you went out?
♥ juz now...wahahaa..shopping makanan..

10.What do you hate the most for now?
♥hurm..mana daa apa2..

11.When was the FIRST time you slept alone?
♥dulu masa aku mula2 dpt bilik tdur sendiri..miahahaha..

12.What things do you want to do now?
♥jalan2 sama si chipsmore..*grin*

13.What do you do everyday besides eat and sleep?
♥online..tgk tv..jalan2..DIY

14.Colors that make you happy?
♥segala jenis warna..ikut mood laa..n pink is a must..ahhaha..

15.Most favorite things for you?
♥ar?? apa ar??!! segala2 aku suka..high heels..gown..necklace..uiks byk ow..pendek kata..segala jenis girl things..aku suka...hihii..

16.What was the last thing you bought?

17.Miss someone?
♥hehehee..iya la kalii..huhuu

18.Are you a coffee addict?

19.Are you satisfied with your life right now?
♥boleh laa...but still bersyukur...*grin* again..

20.Would you share a glass of water with a friend?
♥ NOPE..noo way..nanti berkuman...

21.When was the last time you ate seafood?
♥ i dont eat seafood...allergic..miahahha..

22.Ever had a food fight?
♥hah?? nda paham soalan ne...macam2 aku fikir pula tau..wakkaka

23.What do you usually eat for breakfast?
♥macam2...tgk la apa mami masak...if not mkn meggi ja laa..kahkahkah...

24.Lost a friendship over something stupid?

25.Been really depressed before?
♥hurm..ntah..maybe YAA..

26.What's your favorite food?
♥I LOVE TO EAT..segala2 aku mkn...~restricted to halal food only~

27Cried in front of your classmates?
♥pernah la masa muda2 dulu..miahaha..skrg nda lg tahan2 jaa..heheee..

28.Can you remember what you did on the first day of your school in high school?
♥hah?!! nda sdh aku ingat laii....miahhahhaa..

29.Did you ever cheat during an exam?
♥wahhahaha...PROBABLY laa..like kewajipan ne taw..hahhaa..EXCEPT BIG EXAM LAA..kalau setakat sekolah2 tu boleh laa..wakakaka..