Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 - First post and 2017 - Little recap

Almost two weeks into the year.

How's your resolution going so far?

This year, mine is to appreciate the present more instead of keep focusing on the future - Carpe Diem. Seems like a pretty good resolution so far.

To travel more and just enjoying youth while it lasts. (And update my journal more!)

Pretty simple this year.

All these past years,i wanted something better and bigger for the new year. But things seems to move slow and i always ended up devastated by December. (How ugrateful).

While I'm turning mid twenties this year, i guess it's time to take "self appreciation" really seriously. Enjoying the moments.

I have been with a circles who are slightly older and experienced. I must say, i learnt a lot from what they talk about and their own life experiences. Not everything are good or bad. But it's a good example to be followed or prevent or just to laugh at. And of course, for me to create my own!

2017 recap?

Awh! 2017 was pretty amazing!
Although i'm depressed and kinda drunk on most of the months but last quarter of 2017 was pretty awesome!

I tried to overcome my depression and going out with everyone. I met a lot of amazing people. As usual, some of them dont last but their memories are there to be remembered. Those who stays, i hope we can create more memorable activities together. Hashtagfingercrossed (lol).

My 2017 ended the way i wish (at the very least). I'm blesed and thankful in every way.

Cheers for a good 2018 ahead 🥂