Tuesday, November 21, 2017


You missed the person because of all the good times you had together.

Those days when he makes you laugh like crazy. When the only painful you feel is from laughing too much. When you look at him and he already looking at you with a smile. When you couldn't separate from each other because all you want is hugging all the times. When you fell asleep hugging each other and still awake the same way. When you are awake at dawn and he hug you even tighter.

You missed all the good things and blinded by it.

You forgot all the times you had been waiting for him all day. Those times when he never asks about your well being. When you are sick and he is somewhere having fun with his friends. When you needed him but he is never free and comfort you with the word "there is always next time"  -And you thought that is an altimatum you own.

You are busy sugar coating all the bad things with the good. With an innocent hope, thinking that this is just a relationship test. You thought as time pass by he will change his minds and has the same way of thinking as you. Ignorant.

You settled for him. You give in. You do everything according to his wants. You are always available for him. You are too kind. You are too fragile. You never appreciate yourself because all you did is appreciating him.

His presence is what makes you happy. His little gestures is what makes you melt.
You missed his face when he smiles at you, when he laughs with you.
You missed the way he looks at you.
You missed the familiarity of him being around you.

But what about all the times
When he ignores you while needed him?
When you miss him and he said "Don't be clingy"
When you send a long lovely message and he replied with one word.